If you hate your reading and long distance glasses, then you may be interested in SuperSight Surgery®. Already, many patients from all over the world have been extremely well satisfied with this pain free, effective and permanent treatment.

This is a proven refractive surgery procedure, capable of reducing or even eliminating the need for bifocals, reading glasses and long distance glasses for certain categories of patients.

This procedure replaces the weak power and hardened natural lens inside your eye with a specially designed, changeable power (zoom able), accommodative intraocular lens
(1-CU IOL) or an autofocus multifocal intraocular lens (MF-4 IOL)

The surgical process used is identical to the proven, safe and effective procedure used for cataract surgery and Dr. Somchai, of the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital has treated hundreds of patients successfully with these special lenses for SuperSight Surgery® You can see more details at

Note that other procedures such as LASIK have not been proven effective in correcting the vision conditions that SuperSight Surgery® focuses upon. However we also offer the latest LASIK surgery techniques at very affordable prices, for those patients that can benefit from this procedure.

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