Cosmetic Surgery

Thailand can provide some of the best health care available anywhere in the world at a price that will pleasantly surprise you. And the expertise, friendliness and caring support provided by the doctors and nurses is world renowned.

However, just as in your home Country, you must do the research to make sure you select the top doctors and hospitals for your particular cosmetic procedure. Wouldn’t it be nice to know who the local medical professionals would choose if one of their family needed treatment?

And that is where our Company, Thailand4Healthcare (or T4H) can help, because we have done the research for you and continually check and update our database of fine doctors and medical facilities. Not only by peer review, but also by recommendations and testimonials from patients.

Thailand4Healthcare has taken a different approach from many overseas healthcare providers – one that ensures the very best outcome and value for service in the particular procedure in which you are interested.

And here’s an important consideration – all cosmetic surgery is performed in world class facilities with all of the back up support of a major hospital. These are hospitals where they do the most advanced cardiac and brain surgery etc., so you know you are in good hands even for a relatively simple procedure. So if anything does go wrong, instant care is available. This is not always true in other Countries, particularly when cosmetic surgery takes place in the doctor’s office.

T4H takes the guesswork out of selecting the very best hospital and doctor for you, at the best possible price. We are right here in Thailand and we will be with you every step of the way; from your initial inquiry through your return home.

You relax and rejuvenate in luxurious yet inexpensive accommodation in the fabulous resorts of Pattaya  where professional care at many International hospitals, combined with personal beauty and spa treatments, and the world renowned friendliness of the people of Thailand, ensures that you return home with an inner sparkle and renewed energy for life

This is a fantastic opportunity to combine your treatment with an invigorating and refreshing visit to the tropical land of smiles – one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

For complete details of the procedures or programs in which you have an interest please submit the inquiry form to receive your personal price quote.

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