Samitivej Hospital Sriracha

If I was asked to design a hospital from scratch, and to provide patient services that would delight our International patients – my guess is that it would be very similar to Samitivej Hospital in Sriracha.

It’s small enough that the doctors and nurses and international staff, even the Director, will recognize you on a return visit, but large enough to boast the very latest medical equipment (MRI, CT Scanners etc. that are more up to date than most hospitals in the USA and Europe), and attracting medical professionals at the peak of their careers from all over Thailand. And here’s Dr. Somchai Pattana-Anek, the Director of Samitivej Hospital, Sriracha who will welcome you to his outstanding hospital.

It’s about an hour South of Bangkok and away from the frantic excitement and traffic pollution of that City, and right on the beach with a beautiful, calming view of the Ocean from your private room or suite. Also, while you are recovering from your surgery, you can share lunch or dinner with your friends or spouse at a truly first class restaurant just across the street from the hospital, where you can enjoy the freshest seafood while the waves are lapping over the sand just a few feet from your table.

Your hospital room is a private suite with free cable TV, a kitchen for coffee and tea and light meals etc., equipped with a refrigerator and microwave, plus high speed internet connections, bathroom and shower and a comfortable extra bed for your friend or spouse.

Samitivej Hospital, Sriracha has well staffed departments for all of the standard categories of medicine; orthopedic, cosmetic surgery, aesthetics, weight loss or bariatric, gynecology and fertility, urology, cardio-thoracic, ear nose and throat, general surgery, neurosurgery and vascular surgery, but my absolute favorite is the maternity ward on the 3rd floor. Often the elevator will open it’s doors to show a row of 4 or 5 newborns enjoying their very first day on this earth!

For complete details, including prices, of the procedure(s) in which you are interested – dental, cosmetic, hearing, eye or elective surgery, at the Samitivej Hospital, Sriracha, please submit the on line form for your personal price quote.

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