Doctors and Hospitals

When you chose Medical Tourism to Thailand you are guaranteed the same price as the hospitals offer – you pay nothing extra for our services, but you are assured of finding the right doctor and health care facility.

Medical Tourism to Thailand has taken a different approach from many overseas health care providers – one that ensures the very best outcome and value for service in the PARTICULAR PROCEDURE IN WHICH YOU ARE INTERESTED.

We have selected the very best internationally accredited hospitals and healthcare facilities in Thailand and then, by peer review (where would doctors take THEIR relatives), testimonials from overseas patients and questionnaires, we recommend the best choice and value for money (doctor and hospital) for your actual procedure.

All of the selected hospitals have international departments with the ability to communicate in English and up to 25 other languages.

Many of the physicians have been trained in the United States, Europe and Australia and the facilities, technology and equipment match or exceed those you will find in your own country.

In addition, the world renowned Thai hospitality and nursing gives the patient a unique care experience. All of our partners are internationally accredited hospitals with state of the art medical facilities.

For complete details and a comprehensive price quote, please submit the inquiry form. Prices are calculated at 33 baht to the US $. For the latest exchange rate, click here.