About Our Services

Your health and well being are vital to the quality of your life. So our guess is that perhaps your first thought on hearing about cosmetic, dental, elective or essential surgery in a strange place far from home; may well be NO WAY! There is a fine presentation produced by the Tourism authority of Thailand (TAT) that will put you at ease and can be found here.

When we were developing the essential guidelines for our Thailand4Healthcare services, we tried always to think what would be running through the minds of our clients each step of the way – from information gathering (particularly prices), to selecting the procedure, to selecting your doctor, to the flight and transport to your hotel, to arriving at the hospital for the actual procedure, to recovering at your resort hotel to the flight home, to follow up back in your home Country.

And this is why it works so well, and why T4H services are different, as our long list of delighted clients will assure you.

Guidance and Information

On the premise that with such an important decision, there is no such thing as too much information, T4H has tried to anticipate every single question you may have and attempted to include it in the quote that we email to you. Procedures, recommendations for the best doctors for that procedure, prices, length of stay in the hospital, recovery time, expected results, potential risks, flight times, airport pickup, hotel and resort description.

Travel & Accommodation

For travel arrangements, we encourage you to select and make your own flight bookings but we will be happy to help find the best deals for you. The Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) has offices in many cities including Los Angeles, New York and London and we work in close cooperation with these friendly folks to answer any specific questions you may have on travel to and within the beautiful, friendly Kingdom of Thailand. See –  www.tourismthailand.org/directory/thailand-travel-directory-page-1-1.html

When you provide T4H with your confirmed flight details we can book your hotel if you like and also arrange your initial hospital appointment. Please allow us a minimum of two weeks notice if possible so we can negotiate the best rates and make sure your doctor is available upon your arrival. We accept no commissions from hotels, taxi companies or travel agents so our only focus is to help you find the best deals at the very best prices.

Comprehensive Services

And once you arrive in the Land of Smiles (which truly describes Thailand) Thailand4Healthcare continues with our total support package so you are never far from a helping hand. Our staff here in the exciting resort town of Pattaya, Thailand has first hand knowledge of  International Hospitals, many of the best resort hotels and transportation services. If you choose, a member of our staff can escort you from the airport our your hotel to the hospital or dental clinic.

There is no extra room charge if you bring a friend along or family member along – all of the hospitals we suggest have an extra bed or pull out couch in the private rooms.

One of the nice things about health care or dental treatment in Thailand is that appointments etc. can be arranged at your convenience. If you prefer, we can drive you straight to the hospital from Bangkok Airport, so that you can complete the procedure as soon as possible, or you can just relax at your hotel for a few days first.

The Doctors and Nurses and staff are REALLY happy to see you – as they are of course. This may be a good time to read some of the testimonials from our clients. Very quickly you will get to meet your Doctor and the nursing team to complete any preliminary tests, to answer any questions you may have and to schedule the procedure that same day (or later if you prefer). Our team from T4H will be on hand to help in any way we can.

On the day of the operation or procedure, again our staff will will arrange transportation to pick you up at your hotel on schedule. Today is the day it all comes together and you will be pleasantly surprised how soon you are made to feel at ease and how soon it is all over. Enjoy your first class hospital room if an overnight stay is recommended and then back to your  hotel for rest and relaxation and complete recovery. This is when you truly will appreciate your decision to select one of our recommended hospitals. And later, instead of sadly recovering at home, possibly feeling a little sorry for yourself, you will be surrounded by our support team and able to enjoy the Spa facilities and relaxing Thai massages etc. Everything in fact to get you back on your feet in the minimum amount of time, and if you have not yet experienced an Ancient Chinese foot massage, you are in for an invigorating treat.

Our Promise to our Patients

Your medical needs and a healthy, successful return home are our number one priority.

While we also will do everything that we can to make sure you truly enjoy the whole experience, our focus is on making sure we help you select the best doctors and hospitals for the procedure you are interested in and at the best possible price.

We will support you every step of the way.

First by providing you complete and unbiased information and recommendations and pricing before the start of your trip, secondly while you are in Thailand where we will accompany you to your medical and dental appointments and visit while in hospital, and finally, we will be there for you once you return home in case you should need our help.

Our recommendations are based solely upon what we believe are in the best interest of our patients.

We accept no kick backs or incentives from hotels, tour operators and transportation providers etc., and our company receives compensation for our services only from the hospitals and dental clinics, with each of these establishments paying the same compensation. So we have no incentive to select one medical provider over another, other than the satisfaction of our patients.

We provide full transparency.

You will never experience pressure selling; you are in full control of determining your selection of procedure, destination, facility, medical provider and timing. You will pay the same amount whether you deal directly with the hospitals and dental clinics or take advantage of our free services. You pay the hospitals and hotels directly, only after your consultation with the doctor at the hospital of your choice and after reaching agreement on the cost. You are under no obligation to go ahead with the procedure until after you meet with your doctor or dentist and tour the hospital or dental clinic.

We protect your privacy.

We will not release any information without prior consent or unless given instruction to do so on your behalf.

For complete details and a comprehensive price quote, please submit the inquiry form. Prices are calculated at 33 baht to the US $. For the latest exchange rate, click here.